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Essential Guide: How To Get A 3 Day Eviction Notice

How To Get A 3 Day Eviction Notice: As a landlord, there might come a time when you need to ask the question, “How To Get A 3 Day Eviction Notice“. Maybe a tenant has gone full rock star mode and is smashing furniture, or perhaps the rent is as elusive as a unicorn. In the United States, 2.3 million evictions were filed in 2016 alone—that’s four evictions every minute. Navigating the eviction process can be as tricky as finding your way out of a maze blindfolded. But fear not, this essential guide is here to light the path.

Understanding the 3-Day Eviction Notice

Emotional Tenant Facing Eviction

You know, there’s something about the phrase ‘3-Day Eviction Notice’ that just screams urgency. And for a good reason. A 3-day eviction notice is a document that a landlord gives to a tenant when they want them to either address a violation of the lease agreement within three days or vacate the property.

It’s kind of like when your mom gives you three days to clean your room or face the wrath of losing your Xbox privileges, except the stakes are a bit higher here.

So, when exactly can a landlord whip out the big guns and serve a 3-day eviction notice? Well, there are a few scenarios. It could be non-payment of rent, violation of lease terms, causing significant damage to the property, or participating in illegal activities on the premises.

Non-Payment of RentFailure to pay rent within the specified time period.
Lease ViolationBreach of terms and conditions outlined in the lease agreement.
Property DamageCausing significant damage to the rental property beyond normal wear and tear.
Illegal ActivitiesEngaging in illegal activities on the rental premises.
Unauthorized PetsKeeping pets without prior approval from the landlord.
Nuisance BehaviorCreating a disturbance or nuisance that affects other tenants or neighbors.

When it comes to eviction procedures, each state has its own set of rules. It’s like Monopoly; you’ve got to play by the rules of the game, or you might just end up in jail (or in this case, court). Learn more about these procedures here.

To understand more about the different types of eviction notices, check out our article “How late can rent be before eviction”.

Now that we’ve understood what a 3-day eviction notice is, let’s dive into the legal swimming pool behind it. Each state has its own set of laws regarding eviction notices. For instance, in some states, the landlord has to give a 30-day or 60-day notice for lease violations. But we’ll focus on California for now because, let’s face it, who doesn’t love California?

In sunny California, landlords use the 3-day eviction notice when a tenant doesn’t pay rent, violates the lease or rental agreement, damages the property, or uses the property for illegal purposes. No, you can’t start a secret underground wrestling ring in your apartment. Sorry to burst your bubble.

StatePay Rent or Quit NoticeCure or Quit NoticeUnconditional Quit Notice
California3 days3 days3 days
New York14 days10 days30 days
Texas3 days3 days3 days
Florida3 days7 days7 days
Illinois5 days10 days5 days

A landlord must include specific information in the 3-day notice, such as the full name of the tenant, address of the rental property, the violation, and the date of the notice. The notice must also be served to the tenant in a legally recognized way.

How To Get A 3 Day Eviction Notice

If you’re feeling adventurous and want to know more about legal stipulations, check out this resource.

How to Draft a 3-Day Eviction Notice

Imagine this. You’re a landlord, and your tenant’s been playing air drums with real drumsticks at 3 a.m. every night. You’ve had enough and decide it’s time for a 3-day eviction notice. But how do you draft one?

Step 1: Details Matter

Start with the basics – the date, your name and address, and the tenant’s name and address.

Step 2: Spell Out the Issue

Clearly state the violation committed by the tenant. If they owe rent, specify the exact amount. If they’ve broken a lease clause, point out the specific clause.

Step 3: Resolve or Leave

Tell the tenant they have three days to resolve the issue or vacate the property.

Step 4: Proof of Delivery

Make a note of how and when the notice was delivered to the tenant.

Remember, drafting a 3-day eviction notice is like building a LEGO set; follow the instructions to the letter. Otherwise, your eviction notice may end up looking like a Picasso painting to a judge.

Different Types of 3-Day Eviction Notices

Tenant Packing Belongings after Eviction

Just like ice cream, 3-day eviction notices come in different flavors, each one addressing a specific issue.

The Pay Rent or Quit Notice

This is for tenants who’ve forgotten that ‘rent-free’ only applies to Twitter opinions. They have three days to pay up or pack up.

The Cure or Quit Notice

This goes to tenants who have violated a term or condition of their lease. Maybe they’ve started an indoor compost pile in their living room. They have three days to fix the issue or bid the compost pile goodbye.

The Unconditional Quit Notice

This is the serious one. It orders the tenant to leave without giving them a chance to fix their mistakes. It’s usually for repeat offenders or tenants who’ve done serious damage or engaged in illegal activities.

These are just a few types, so make sure you’re serving the right one. Need more information on this? Check out this comprehensive guide on the different types of eviction notices.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a 3-day eviction notice under the Landlord-Tenant Acts?

A 3-day eviction notice is a legal document issued by a landlord to a tenant to address a violation of the lease agreement. The tenant has three days to resolve the issue or vacate the property.

When can a landlord issue a 3-day eviction notice?

A landlord can issue a 3-day eviction notice for reasons like non-payment of rent, violation of lease terms, causing significant damage to the property, or using the property for illegal purposes.

Can a tenant dispute a 3-day eviction notice?

Yes, a tenant can dispute a 3-day eviction notice. However, it’s advisable to consult with a legal advisor to understand the best course of action.

How to deliver a 3-day eviction notice to a tenant?

The 3-day eviction notice can be personally delivered, left with someone at the premises, or posted on the door and mailed.

What information must a 3-day eviction notice contain?

The notice must include the tenant’s name, address of the property, violation details, and instructions for remedy or vacate. It should also mention how and when it was delivered.


Evictions can be a complicated affair for both tenants and landlords. But knowing exactly “How To Get A 3 Day Eviction Notice” can make the process smoother. The key is to understand the nuances of the eviction notices, know when to use them, and ensure they’re properly drafted and delivered. And remember, when it comes to landlord-tenant disputes, knowledge is power.



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