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Exploring What Is A Garden Level Apartment

What Is Garden Level Apartment: Have you ever asked the question, ‘What is a garden-level apartment‘? You are not alone! According to data from the National Apartment Association, nearly 23% of prospective tenants are unfamiliar with the term. Garden-level apartments offer unique features and benefits that may appeal to a variety of renters.

Understanding Garden Level Apartments

What Is Garden Level Apartment

Garden level apartments, also known as English basements or garden apartments, are a unique breed of living spaces. They are typically located partially below ground level, with windows peeking out just above the earth.

In fact, the term “garden level” has a historical context. It dates back to the 19th century when these types of apartments were popular in English townhouses. They were designed to be close to the garden, hence the name.

Well, unlike your standard apartment, garden level apartments offer a unique blend of indoor and outdoor living. They often come with access to a garden or patio, making them a great choice for green thumbs and outdoor enthusiasts.

For more on this, check out this comprehensive guide on the definition, pros, and cons of garden level apartments.

Characteristics of Garden Level Apartments

LocationPartially below ground level, with windows just above the earth
Unique LayoutLower ceilings and smaller windows, adding a cozy, intimate feel
Exposed Brick WallsOften feature original architectural details and rustic charm
Popular in Urban NeighborhoodsCommonly found in older, urban neighborhoods like New York and Chicago
Access to Outdoor SpacesTypically offer access to a garden or patio, appealing to outdoor enthusiasts
AffordabilityOften come with a smaller price tag compared to above-ground apartments, suitable for budget-conscious renters

First off, these apartments typically feature a unique layout. Because they’re partially below ground, they often have lower ceilings and smaller windows. But don’t let that deter you. These features can add a cozy, intimate feel to the space.

Garden level apartments often feature exposed brick walls and original architectural details. These elements can add a touch of rustic charm and character to the space.

Garden level apartments are commonly found in older, urban neighborhoods. They’re particularly popular in cities like New York and Chicago, where space is at a premium.

For a closer look at where you can find these unique living spaces, check out this article on garden apartments from Redfin.

Accessible Garden or Patio

Advantages of Garden Level Apartments

First off, let’s talk about affordability.

When it comes to renting or buying, garden level apartments often come with a smaller price tag compared to their above-ground counterparts. This makes them a great option for budget-conscious city dwellers.

One of the biggest perks of living in a garden level apartment is the direct access to outdoor spaces. Whether it’s a shared garden or a private patio, having a slice of nature at your doorstep is a luxury in the concrete jungle.

Last but not least, let’s not forget about the unique charm and aesthetic appeal.

With their rustic architectural elements and cozy atmosphere, garden level apartments have a distinctive charm that’s hard to find in standard apartments. For more on this, take a look at this article that beautifully captures the allure of garden apartments.

Small Garden Level Apartment Kitchen

Disadvantages of Garden Level Apartments

Now, let’s flip the coin and look at the potential downsides of living in a garden level apartment.

One common concern is the light and ventilation.

Since garden level apartments are partially below ground, they might not get as much natural light as above-ground apartments. Ventilation could also be an issue due to the proximity to the ground.

Next, we have security concerns.

Being at ground level might make these apartments more accessible, potentially posing a security risk. However, with proper precautions, this can be managed effectively.

Lastly, there’s the issue of dampness and pests.

Due to their location, garden level apartments might be more prone to dampness and pests. But don’t let this deter you. With regular maintenance and pest control, these issues can be kept at bay. For a detailed rundown of what to look out for, check out this guide on things to consider when buying a garden level property.

What to Look for When Renting a Garden Level Apartment

So, you’re considering renting a garden level apartment. But what should you look out for?

First off, assess the apartment’s condition.

Look for signs of dampness, mold, or structural damage. Check the windows and doors for proper sealing.

Since garden level apartments are partially below ground, they can be prone to dampness and lack of natural light. Make sure the apartment has adequate ventilation and enough windows to let in natural light.

Last but not least, evaluate the security measures.

Check if the apartment has secure locks on doors and windows. If the apartment has a private entrance, make sure it’s well-lit and secure. For more tips on what to consider when renting a garden level apartment, check out this article from Apartment Therapy.

Things to Know When Buying a Garden Level Apartment

Firstly, consider the property value and resale potential.

While garden level apartments can be more affordable, they may not appreciate in value as much as above-ground apartments.

Next, be aware of any legal considerations and permissions.

In some areas, there may be restrictions on garden level apartments, such as height restrictions or requirements for window size.

Lastly, don’t be afraid to negotiate a fair price.

Given the unique characteristics of garden level apartments, you may be able to negotiate a lower price. For a detailed guide on what to know when buying a garden level property, check out this article from HowStuffWorks.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a garden level apartment?

A garden level apartment is basically a unit that is partially below ground level, but windows and doors still open to the outside.

What are the perks of living in a garden level apartment?

Garden level apartments can offer numerous perks, including:

  • Lower rental rates
  • Cooler temperatures in the summer
  • Greater privacy than upper-level units.

What challenges might I face with a garden level apartment?

Potential challenges with garden level apartments could encompass:

  • Limited natural light
  • Potential for dampness or flooding
  • Less privacy if facing a busy area

Are garden level apartments safe?

Yes, garden level apartments can be just as safe as any other unit in a building. However, safety can vary based on the location, building security measures, and tenants’ own safety precautions.

Can I garden in a garden level apartment?

Despite its name, a garden level apartment doesn’t necessarily include a garden. The term comes from the apartment’s position relative to ground level.


In conclusion, understanding ‘what is a garden level apartment‘ can help you discover the type of rental that fits your lifestyle and budget. Though they offer certain unique benefits, these apartments also come with potential downsides to consider.



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